Office of the Registrar


Registration appointments for the Fall 2016 semester are now over.  The next time to make changes to your Fall 2016 schedule will be during the add/drop period, which begins on September 7 and ends on September 16.

Schedules for Fall 2016

You may now view your Fall 2016 student schedule online at the MSM student website.

To do so:

 1)   Go to  At the top of the page, select "My Info" under College Students.

 2)  Enter your username and password.  If you cannot remember either, click the link for "Forgot My Password".  You will need to wait to get your username/password before you can access your schedule.

 3)   Select "My Class Schedule". 

If you currently have a hold from any MSM office (Library, recording studio, scheduling, etc), a message will appear.  You will need to settle the hold before you are able to view your schedule. 

From here, you can use your browser's print function to print a paper copy of your Fall 2016 schedule.

Qualifying Exams for Fall 2016


Below you will find the schedule for all Qualifying Exams for the Fall 2016 semester.  These exams are optional.  Also attached you will find the application forms for all exams. 
These exams are only for classical students; there are no qualification exams in the Jazz Department.

A few reminders:

1)    The theory/aural skills exams and piano/keyboard exams each require an application and $30 fee, payable at the Student Accounts office. 

2)    The Music History qualifying exam only covers the undergraduate classical music history sequence.  There is no fee for the Music History exams, but you MUST complete an application form to take the exam.

3)    You may apply to take the exam for ONLY one level of theory and/or aural skills per semester. This does not apply to the piano/keyboard and music history exams.

4)    If you wish to apply for both an aural skills exam AND a theory exam, you must fill out 2 separate forms, and pay 2 separate fees.

5)    You may NOT re-take a theory or aural skills exam that you have already taken and not passed. Again, this does not apply to piano/keyboard or to music history.

6)    The applications are due on the dates listed on the schedule.  Late applications and incomplete applications will NOT be processed.  Please take the time to fill out your applications clearly and completely.

To download the SCHEDULE of Qualifying exams for Fall 2016, click here.

To download the application for all PIANO exams, click here.

To download the application for all THEORY exams, click here.

To download the application for MUSIC HISTORY exams, click here.



Other Documents

Catalog for the Academic Year 2016-2017

To download a copy of the current Academic Catalog, Click here.

Concert Attendance Policy

Click here to download the Concert Attendance Policy and Instructions.

Fall 2016 Course Offering and Elective Listing

To download a current copy of the Fall 2016 Course offering, Click here. (8/19/2016)

To download a copy of the electives offered for Fall 2016, Click here. (8/23/2016)

Fall 2016 Textbook Listing

To download a listing of the textbooks for courses for Fall 2016, Click here.

**Please note: Prices denoted are suggested retail price, not MSM Campus Store prices.  The MSM Campus also sells used copies of most texts at a discounted rate.