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Important Dates and Information - College Division

Early November — Invoices and Payment Plan information mailed to all confirmed students.   You may also view your account history online by going to the top of this page:

College Students >> My Info >> My Account History.

December 4 — All Tuition and other Charges not covered by Financial Aid or a finalized Payment Plan is Due along with supporting documents
December 5 — Late Fees Commence
January 12 — First Day of Classes
January 29 — Refund disbursements for overpayments and/or excess financial aid begin and continue on a weekly basis
February 5 — 2nd payment due for Higher One Deferred Plan

Late Payment Fee Policy 

The Student Accounts Office reserves the right to assess late fees to all accounts (including undergraduate, graduate, professional studies, and doctoral) that have not been paid by the due date. Please note that non-receipt of an invoice does not constitute an exception to the late fee policy. The student is the account holder and therefore responsible for ensuring that payments are made on or before the due date regardless of the source of funds. The student is also responsible for forwarding student account information to other parties that have agreed to make payment (i.e., parents, sponsors).
Should accounts become excessively overdue, it is the policy of Manhattan School of Music to place the account on hold and suspend private lessons and other school privileges.  Please contact the Student Accounts Office immediately should circumstances arise that may or are likely to interfere with payments.

Timely receipt of payment is considered to be:

  • Credit card verbal authorization received by the Student Accounts Office on or before the tuition due date
  • Credit card authorization forms mailed on or before the due date
  • Checks delivered by mail where the envelope is postmarked on or before the tuition due date
  • Wire transfers initiated on or before the due date  
  • Payments submitted to an approved payment plan on or before the due date

Late Fee Schedule Spring 2015 Semester

A late fee of $250.00 will be assessed for outstanding balances owed to Manhattan School of Music on December 5, 2014.

Keep Contact Information Current

The Registrar's office is NOT responsible for making address/phone number and email changes.

To change your contact information, at the top of this page go to:
College Students >> My Info >> My Contact Info

From the "My Contact Info" screen, you can change your Billing Address (where you want your tuition bills sent), your Home or Permanent Address (where you live when not at school), and your Current Address (where you live RIGHT NOW, during school).

Student Refunds

Attention Students expecting Refunds -- The Office of Student Accounts will hold refund checks for 21 days following its notification to the individual student that a refund is available for pickup. After 21 days, the check will be mailed to the student's billing priority address on record at the time the check was prepared. Please keep in mind that students are responsible for maintaining current contact information through their student account portal.

Bank Wire Transfers

Please note all transfers should be to MSM's Wells Fargo Account. For detailed information on executing a wire, visit the "Payment Methods and Bank Information" section of the Student Accounts Web page.


Spring 2015 College Payment Agreement

Please complete and return a copy of the College Payment Agreement form to the Student Accounts Office, room 222. Click here for a copy of the form. In addition, if the student has accepted any financial aid (loans, grants or MSM awards), please submit a copy of your Spring 2015 Billing Worksheet. 


Spring 2015 Billing Worksheet

Welcome to the new Manhattan School of Music Billing Worksheet. We urge you to take advantage of this worksheet which the school has updated to give you the most complete and accurate view of your billing cost, payments and financial aid information per semester.

To login you will enter your user ID (your MSM email address before the @ symbol) and your password (the same as your MSM email password). If you have not received that information please notify the IT Department at After a successful login, print out your Billing Worksheet and return it with any other tuition related documents to the Student Accounts Office located at Room 222.


Precollege Division

For information regarding the Spring 2015 semester, please visit the Precollege Division section of Student Accounts webpage. 


Class Cancellations

Friday March 27, 2015
Rhoda Levine's classes will meet in Mikowsky Hall today.

Monday March 30, 2015
There are no class cancellations at this time.

Tuesday March 31, 2015
There are no class cancellations at this time.

Wednesday April 1, 2015
There are no class cancellations at this time.

Thursday April 2, 2015
There are no class cancellations at this time.

Piano Lab Open Practice Time 2015

Monday 7pm-10pm  Room 508

Tuesday 4pm-10pm Room 608

Wednesday 7pm-10pm Room 508

Thursday 4pm-10pm Room 508

Friday 4pm-5pm Room 608












































































































































































































































































































































Registrar News

Transcript Requests

This is to remind you that all requests for transcripts and certification letters have a 3-5 day processing time, after receipt of the request and payment is made.  Please keep this in mind as November and December are high-volume months for the processing of these requests.  We do not have rush or emergency processing, so please make your requests early, to give yourself enough time to have them processed for any deadlines that you might be facing.

All requests for transcripts should be made at The fee for each official transcript is $12.25.

Piano Lab Hours

The piano labs are available to you for piano practice during the following times. Please note that there is a different room open each day.

At this time you may practice on these days, times and locations.  Additional hours will be posted soon.

Required Piano Office Hours and General Open Practice

Tuesday 12:00-12:50pm  Room 103 (teaching assistant available)

Tuesday 4:00-4:50pm Room 508 (teaching assistant available)
Tuesday 5:00-5:50pm Room 103 (teaching assistant available)

Wednesday 1:00-1:50pm Room 608 (teaching assistant available)
Wednesday 5:00-5:50pm Room 103  (teaching assistant available)

Thursday 9:00-10:00 am Room 608
Thursday 12:00-1:00pm Room 608

Concert Attendance Policy

Download Concert Attendance Requirements