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The Center for Music Entrepreneurship (CME) has been reorganized and expanded; 
it now encompasses MSM's former Office of Career Development.  

- General information about the CME, including coursework, resources & services,
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- Key resources for current students, faculty, and staff: Entrepreneurial & Career Handouts | BRIDGE LOG-IN info>> handouts covering a variety of key topics, plus log-in info for BRIDGE: Worldwide Music Connection Database, providing roughly 3,000 opportunities in music (auditions, teaching positions, administrative positions, competitions, grants, scholarships, festivals and beyond). Username and password are available through this link and also at the CME.

- Interested in a class focused on creating, launching, or leading your own project? 
Here are details about next semester's Advanced Practicum in Music Entrepreneurship (offered in Spring 2016):

This course is available by application to grad students as well as juniors and seniors. An application is needed to confirm that your intended project will be a fit for the class. For many degrees, this class fulfills the same requirement as the Practical Foundations course. 

If you're interested, complete the simple application below -- just a series of questions about what you want to do. It is due by Tues. Nov. 10.

Advanced Practicum in Music Entrepreneurship 
ME 2001, 2 credits, Spring 2016 
Tues. 10-11:50 pm, Mikowsky Recital Hall

The practicum is designed as a graduate-level course, with students admitted by application. Advanced undergraduates may also apply to be considered. The class meets once per week. The focus of the class is on assisting students to plan and implement their own entrepreneurial ventures, such as creating a new festival, a distance-learning teaching studio, instrument repair service, or launching a new ensemble, music software program, or media company.

What do you want to create, launch, or lead?

Students need to already have a clearly defined and feasible entrepreneurial project when they apply. An entrepreneurial project has a concrete, practical, and specific goal with clear action steps—something you will take charge of and manage. Through the supportive think tank environment of the class, students will create action plans for their projects, and monitor their progress, with feedback from the seminar participants. Students will also be paired with MSM faculty or alumni for mentoring sessions and offered networking and referrals and research leads.

In addition to project work, the course will include additional assignments and readings. We will cover goal setting, feasibility assessment, business plans, proposal writing, project management techniques, team building and delegation, fundraising, marketing, PR, and how to enlist a board of advisors and supporters.

Applications are DUE TUESDAY, Nov. 10

In order to determine your suitability for the class, answer the following questions in detail. Type the answers and submit these by Nov. 10 to the course instructor: Angela Beeching,

1) What is the goal of your project? (What do you want to accomplish? Think beyond yourself)

2) What is the need or problem this project addresses? (Consider whether the project will benefit others and how it will impact your community)

3) Why are you doing this? (What’s your motivation?)

4) What specific activities will take place as part of your project during the spring semester? What will you need to do, learn, create for your project during the semester?

5) Who will help you with or participate in your project next semester? If you’ve determined your collaborators, list their names and explain the nature and level of their participation.

6) What’s your timeline: write out a sequence of activities (#4) adding in the guesstimated dates for when you will need to complete each step.

So we can find out a little more about you, attach either your bio or résumé along with your application.


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